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Office Max Big Brother Is Watching

In the quest to build more personal relationships with customers, Marketers are keen on collecting as much information about a person as possible. And this is a good thing for the most part, as it ensures we receive relevant communications … Continue reading

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What exactly have you been smoking?

One of the coolest whistle blowers on the planet has to be the After flipping channels the other night, I was left aghast by their latest TV spot where a small crowd gathers around a kiosk in New York … Continue reading

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Digital Crime Fighting

Kudos to Polish police force for finding an ingenious way to combat crime the hi-tech way! Policing is a communal responsibility, and often times officers have to ask civilians to lend them a hand with spotting a criminal. But how … Continue reading

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Pinterest: Most Wanted

For many of us, Pinterest is a place to share favorite recipes, décor, fashion, and cute animal pictures.  Most probably wouldn’t think to Pin a photo of a crime suspect or information about a crime.  But the Joliet, IL Police … Continue reading

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Digital Democracy

Love this phrase! In a virtual world/platform that essentially gives every rant, rave and negative nasty comment equal “airtime” with the proactive, positive counterparts, I found the concept  intriguing. Wiki defines it as “…the use of information and communication technologies … Continue reading

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Banning the Bubbles.

Americans toss away a staggering 130 billion bottles and cans that end up in landfills or incinerators every year and globally, it is much more. Sodastream is capitalizing on consumer’s increasing eco-consciousness with a battle cry “If you love the … Continue reading

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Actions DO Speak Loudest

Well, our country has spoken, and it’s 4 more years for President Obama. Whatever your politics are, GW Hoffman Marketing says WELL DONE to all who forged out, braved the lines, and VOTED. Obama said in his acceptance speech that … Continue reading

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