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Seriously? Think BEFORE You Post, Tweet, Tag!

I honestly can’t even believe that I’m writing this blog. I’ll start by saying that for those marketers understanding social networking, things have been positive. For those of you wrapped up in Facebook and Twitter…Think before you post. If you … Continue reading

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Nutrition Keys

A month ago I wrote about the new front-of-package labeling that we are now beginning to see on store shelves. This new blue box, called Nutrition Keys was developed by the Grocery Manufacturers Association and the Food Marketing Institute, two … Continue reading

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Worst Face Forward?

Food Manufacturers might be forced to introduce new front-of-package labeling if the FDA gets its way. The FDA will be releasing new guidelines in early 2011 for food manufacturers to follow that are intended to give consumers more useful, uniform and clearer nutritional … Continue reading

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You Can Run But You Can’t Hide.

Ever feel like what you search for on line is following you? Welcome to the world of retargeting marketing, which proves you can run but you can’t hide –not when it comes to online tracking. Retargeting uses cookie technology to … Continue reading

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