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Obsolescence. Not So Funny.

Hysterical NSFW bit on Last Week Tonight by HBO’s John Oliver on the demise of RadioShack®. But the issue at the heart of this sad “passing” isn’t quite so LOL.

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The Write Stuff.

Since we’re in the business of communication, I read with interest an article in the New York Times regarding the ongoing debate about the teaching of cursive handwriting in elementary schools. Common Core standards, adopted now by most U.S. states, … Continue reading

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Why Would You Want A Wagon?

Well, especially now as the summer travel season is upon us, there are lots of reasons. They can haul 5 people and a good amount of stuff; or 2 people and an incredible amount of stuff. They’re built on car … Continue reading

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Saving The Drive-In

Okay, when’s the last time you were at a drive-in movie? Even if it was just this past summer, it might be the last time ever. That is, unless Honda’s Project Drive-In has something to say about it. There are … Continue reading

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Kool Aid Man- Still Rocking It at 59

Kool-Aid Man and I go back a long way. He was one one of my first BIG BRAND assignments more decades ago than I want to admit to. I worked to launch the first Kool- Aid Man Comic Book series, … Continue reading

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More Things Like This, Please.

  National Record Store Day (April 20th) celebrates the few remaining independent record stores left around the world. With a focus on vinyl records, it’s a day to celebrate all that so many of us miss about buying records, CDs, … Continue reading

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Life On Shuffle.

It’s being said, written about and tweeted everywhere: there’s a lot to hear, read and tweet about these days. So much so, that I find I am increasingly seeing articles about all of this information overload and how it is … Continue reading

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