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Healthy Kids Are No Laughing Matter

In a hilarious parody of contemporary healthy food ads, actor/comedian Nick Offerman takes us on a tour of his farm, where “ripe, juicy pizzas” and taquitos grow on trees and “hot, moist sloppy joes” grow year-round thanks to the “nutrients” … Continue reading

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If They Find It…

The best thing about this PSA (aside from the fact that it’s hysterical), is that it gets its message across no matter which side of the “Gun Rights” debate you find yourself on. I don’t imagine there are many gun … Continue reading

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The Write Stuff.

Since we’re in the business of communication, I read with interest an article in the New York Times regarding the ongoing debate about the teaching of cursive handwriting in elementary schools. Common Core standards, adopted now by most U.S. states, … Continue reading

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Goodbye Hello Kitty Beer.

That iconic kitty cat, Hello Kitty, known to grace everything for children–from fruit snacks to fruit of the loom underwear is now hawking fruit flavored beer. Yes, beer – an alcoholic adult beverage. The Hello Kitty brew, licensed by the … Continue reading

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A Super Idea

The prospect of having a child begin a course of chemotherapy must be one of the most frightening things a parent has to face. Even more so for the child, because there is so much about it that they don’t … Continue reading

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The iKid Generation?

Do you have kids and an iPad in your home? If your answer is “yes” to both, you are in luck! No, really, you are! if you are still raising toddlers, don’t deprive them of an iPad interaction. Check out … Continue reading

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A Tale Of Two Tables

When it comes to Guy-In-A-Suit-Talking-To-Precocious-Kids-At-A-Table TV spots, some new ads from AT&T have definitely one-upped a previous campaign from Ally Bank, at least as far as the level of precociousness goes. Viewers seem to love the AT&T spots: “Grandma” and “Dizzy” are … Continue reading

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