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Gutsy Enough to Change the Status Quo?

It takes a strong, gutsy, and smart Marketer to challenge the status quo, even when it’s right. Kudos to Hefty and their Ultimate™ Cups for redefining the “Mom” demographic in their hysterical, new #PARTYHARDMOMS Campaign! These videos speak for themselves. … Continue reading

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If They Find It…

The best thing about this PSA (aside from the fact that it’s hysterical), is that it gets its message across no matter which side of the “Gun Rights” debate you find yourself on. I don’t imagine there are many gun … Continue reading

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A ‘Fridge Art Museum!

In this digital age there are apps for everything— now even for archiving your kids’ artwork! While my kids’ work is stashed away in an attic somewhere gathering dust and mold, parents nowadays can simply turn to Canvsly and instantly … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Saved Online!

There are so many reasons to be thankful (or not) for the internet. But to have an entire collection of sites dedicated to really great ways to calm that “OMG is tomorrow really Mother’s Day?” panic, is just awesome. Click, … Continue reading

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Kool Aid Man- Still Rocking It at 59

Kool-Aid Man and I go back a long way. He was one one of my first BIG BRAND assignments more decades ago than I want to admit to. I worked to launch the first Kool- Aid Man Comic Book series, … Continue reading

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Virtual Meets Reality

I’m so glad that the Toys ‘R Us holiday commercials have ended. Those two kids were annoying, especially the boy. But they recently introduced a Facebook game that caught my eye. Called Toys R’ Us Towers, and powered by video game … Continue reading

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Naughty or Nice?

Urban Outfitters is definitely skating onto the naughty list this year with their obscenity gifts being offered by this retailer which are really p—–g off parents but good. Urban Outfitters is trying to be edgy and appeal to Gen Y … Continue reading

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