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Authentic Before Trendy

The highlight of my day is when I see a new Instagram post from Socality Barbie, the parody account that mocks “That Girl” and her ever-hipster life that is totally way better than your life. Her posts are filled with … Continue reading

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Quaker Taps Real People, Real Emotion for a Big Win

Goodness Starts Today. That’s the message of Quaker Canada’s recent YouTube hit video. But instead of focusing on the nutritional properties of this good-for-you brand’s products, the video tugs at the heartstrings of the viewer with a real-life dad and … Continue reading

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Healthy, Wealthy & Wise For Real

Before I begin my day in this constantly-connected digital world, I like to take a morning run unplugged — no heart rate monitors or step-tracking devices. But the Commercial Bank of Dubai’s (CBD) latest partnership with FitBit got me rethinking my routine. … Continue reading

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Little Things Can Be Big Ideas

We all know that good campaigns are focused on one “Big Idea.” But a Big Idea doesn’t have to be complicated, executionally or visually. It can actually be characterized by simplicity — grounded in a simple but strong “real people” … Continue reading

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Healthy Kids Are No Laughing Matter

In a hilarious parody of contemporary healthy food ads, actor/comedian Nick Offerman takes us on a tour of his farm, where “ripe, juicy pizzas” and taquitos grow on trees and “hot, moist sloppy joes” grow year-round thanks to the “nutrients” … Continue reading

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Gen Z to Marketers: Let Go!

Handing the creative reins of your brand’s social marketing over to Influencers is not easy. But it might be the best way to engage Generation Z, or those born between 1997 and 2002. A recent panel on Gen Z Influencers … Continue reading

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The Next Marketing Horizon— Air Space!

Think the “selfie” couldn’t be topped? Enter the era of the new “Dronie!” New product? New marketing tool? New social phenom? Apparently, yes. Drones have certainly become more commonplace these days, even landing on the White House Lawn, albeit uninvited. … Continue reading

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