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Not how it’s done anymore, Geico.

Sorry Geico, it isn’t how it works anymore From personified spokes-animals to their latest “Did you know?” campaign, Geico has continued to hammer home their seemingly iron-clad marketing message that 15 minutes can save you… well you know… blah blah … Continue reading

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QR Codes Breathe Life Into Obituaries

We’ve all seen the articles saying that QR codes are dead. But maybe not so fast. They may not have stuck with consumer packaged goods as some hoped, but they’ve worked for almost 20 years in the auto industry… and … Continue reading

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Branding at its best

When a brand knows who it is and sticks to its guns over time, it’s amazing how little has to be said to get your point across. Kudos to Nike. Expanding to the all-important Boomer market with a single twist … Continue reading

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Smart Stick. Take your Blood Pressure and Go for a Walk.

In these days of smart phones, smart cars, smartass teenagers… I loved the idea of this smart walking stick. Now you can take your blood pressure, monitor your pulse AND go for a walk! I think it’s great it when someone designs … Continue reading

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