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A Hunky Reminder.

The Rethink Breast Cancer foundation has come up with a “Your Man Reminder” app and video to remind women to perform self examinations on a regular basis. The new app reminds women to check their breasts with a message from … Continue reading

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100 Most Influential Mad Men (Women!)

During the morass of media coverage on the election campaign, economic issues, and political turmoil that seem to envelope our little planet, great to see Advertising Age celebrating something more positive — publishing a letter acknowledging women’s role in our … Continue reading

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Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks.

Kudos to a brave step recently taken by Ladies Home Journal, or should I say Ladies Home JOURNAL? Starting with their March issue, they will be showcasing much (how much?) of their content crowdsourced. Getting content directly uploaded from readers, … Continue reading

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To be heard, or not to be heard.

Chapstick’s tagline “On Everyone’s Lips” took on a whole new meaning this past week. In support of the brand campaign “Where Do Lost Chapsticks Go?” Chapstick encouraged people to “Be Heard” and relay their own lost Chapstick tale on Facebook. … Continue reading

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Support your Girls.

October is breast cancer month and a sports bra manufacturer is suggesting that women “support your girls”. Now I have always heard of men naming their private parts–but I did a double take for a billboard outside a sports store … Continue reading

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This just in…Makeup Ads Misleading! (Say it isn’t so)

A British watchdog group has upheld complaints against L’ Oréal after a member of Parliament claimed they used digital manipulation to mislead consumers. The 2 ads, one for Maybelline featuring someone purported to be Christy Turlington (who looks nothing like … Continue reading

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Hail to the V?

The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,Video Archive Summer’s Eve, the feminine deodorant, is getting some heat from their latest video commercials which some consumers are calling “racist” and worse, at least according to … Continue reading

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