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Station to Station- Art Travels!

Station To Station: A Nomadic Happening from Station to Station on Vimeo. Wow! Leave it to Virgin Atlantic to be on the edge of something new and creative! They’ve managed to take a cargo train and transform it into a … Continue reading

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Bravo!… sorry, TNT!

I always followed the belief that one’s work can only be as good as one’s client allows it to be. That said, I came across a video showing the arrival of cable TV Channel TNT to Belgium, the land of … Continue reading

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Now that’s what I call sampling!

IKEA, the Scandinavian retailer, is known for innovative, design-rich products that often target young people with small living spaces. For anyone who hasn’t been in one of their stores, they’re usually massive and draw tremendous crowds, though showcase items in … Continue reading

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Can a Video Game Cause a Divorce?

Just out is the latest installment of what I consider the world’s best entertainment,  Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. Millions upon millions of Earth’s citizens are clawing their way towards a new, glossy package in anticipation of hours of … Continue reading

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I’ll Drink to That!

Carlsberg Beer in Brussels pulled a fast one on unsuspecting movie attendees. They filled the audience completely with menacing and tough-looking biker types, except for two center seats, to see what would happen–and filmed the results. The event reinforces their … Continue reading

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May the Force Be With You… on the Subway.

How does one promote a release of Blu-ray DVD set of Star Wars in Japan? Why not go as big as the saga itself? For example, take a few Tokyo subway trains and replace handrails with real-life lightsabers! Oh no, … Continue reading

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Bold Experiments with Magic Brownies

OK, I’ll come right out now and say, “General Mills, you get a whopping GWH W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-Up or Flop) WINNER Award for this one!!” Why so excited? First of all, as a typically conservative age-old corporation, they had the … Continue reading

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