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How To Get Your Brand In The Conversation

Famed grocery marketing sensation, Stew Leonard’s and small batch local soda maker Avery’s Beverages, are getting their brands into the conversation in a pretty “tasteful” way. Known for their extensive, sometime crazy flavor variety, Avery’s actually produced two special flavors … Continue reading

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Would You Push Limits to Prove Your Point?

Curious if your probiotic is really doing anything to improve your gut health? Finnish probiotic brand Gefilus was determined to prove the effectiveness of their brand and they did so in a way that is definitely not for the squeamish. … Continue reading

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Can hip humor fight Drugged Driving?

The recent legalization of marijuana for recreational use in Colorado has prompted a new $450k PSA campaign  targeted at drivers who may not be aware of the level of impairment that marijuana can cause, or the legal ramifications of being … Continue reading

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Are Silent Movies Returning?

Is everything old truly new… again and again and again? No dispute that video is the workhorse of today’s digital and social platforms. Sight, sound and motion creatively married to get the job done quite engagingly.  Then I read the … Continue reading

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Messing With The Crown Jewels- The Brand

Is this a portrait of Brand worship or what? Will the new Instagram logo ever engender the same? With all of the conversation and bouhaha over the new Instagram logo, one has to wonder if there is anything in marketing … Continue reading

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Politics, Entertainment & Marketing: Any Rules Anymore?

Politics and Late Night Comedy have become well-acquainted bedfellows over recent years. Equal-Opportunity barbs seem to level the playing field. But Politics and Prime Time Network TV shows? Politics and Marketing Conferences? Even Politics and First Responders on duty? Is … Continue reading

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One Too Many This St. Patrick’s Day?

Apparently this was the case for Guinness – their St. Patrick’s Day ads in Canada featured a four-leaf clover instead of a shamrock. Now, legend has it that St. Patrick used the shamrock to demonstrate the concept of The Trinity … Continue reading

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