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Mickey D’s Creates VR Happy Meals

You may have heard about, or even experienced, the wonders of today’s Virtual Reality headsets. To Boomers like myself, they are more than just an update to the View-Master® of our childhood (which themselves are quite a bit more than … Continue reading

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Will #pepsiMojis Build or Break the Brand?

To say that social media has changed how the world communicates, is beyond an understatement. Pepsi has just proven this in spades with their new social media-inspired summer packaging design, slated to appear in stores soon. As part of their … Continue reading

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The King Brags: My Whopper’s Not a Burger

Bold Brand move in so many ways! In a kale-craving, health-obsessed culture, Burger King makes a move to sell hot dogs, launched nationally on February 23rd. OK, 100% beef Oscar Mayer hot dogs, but dogs nonetheless. Then they hit the … Continue reading

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Esurance Wins The Social Super Bowl, 1.5 Billion Ways!

The Denver Broncos may have won the Super Bowl with 24 points, but Esurance won Super Bowl Social with the score of 1.5 Billion! Yes, 1.5 Billion impressions made Esurance the clear social media winner for Super Bowl 50 with … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Customer Service Pays Off

Returning an item to a store or online retailer is typically a non-event and not something most of us bother to talk about. But a recent return attempt to Zulily proved to be quite the opposite. One call to Zulily’s … Continue reading

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How To Win Your Fans Back After Adversity

We always talk about the marketing challenges and hurdles to “getting people to do the stuff you need them to do.” Well, after their recent outbreaks of E.Coli, Salmonella and norovirus, fast casual dining sensation, Chipotle Mexican Grill has one … Continue reading

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Lean Cuisine Disses The Word “Diet” and Tries to Do Some Good

Well this actually is a novel way to start the year. Lean Cuisine is the latest “good for you” brand (AKA: Diet Food) that has decided it’s time to “change the ‘diet’ conversation into a force for good.” (Let’s pretend … Continue reading

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