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Healthy, Wealthy & Wise For Real

Before I begin my day in this constantly-connected digital world, I like to take a morning run unplugged — no heart rate monitors or step-tracking devices. But the Commercial Bank of Dubai’s (CBD) latest partnership with FitBit got me rethinking my routine. … Continue reading

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Can Wheaties Leverage Their Brand Equity from Cereal to Beer?

Can a brand name best known as “Breakfast of Champions” now be translated to beer? General Mills Wheaties thinks so and has teamed up with a nearby craft brewery in Minneapolis to create a limited-edition Hefeweizen beer, called HefeWheaties.

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Brands Having Sass With Class

Long the punching bag of Jon Stewart, one would think Arby’s would have been quietly doing the happy dance come Jon’s last show. Certainly wouldn’t have been bothered to say good-bye to him. Fortunately, they did just the opposite and created … Continue reading

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Dare You Not To Feel.

Please watch both of these videos. They are so good and more than worth the incredibly short investment in time. Why am I in love with these?

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Healthy Kids Are No Laughing Matter

In a hilarious parody of contemporary healthy food ads, actor/comedian Nick Offerman takes us on a tour of his farm, where “ripe, juicy pizzas” and taquitos grow on trees and “hot, moist sloppy joes” grow year-round thanks to the “nutrients” … Continue reading

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Looking for Brand Advocates?

Think it takes an exhaustive search to find folks willing to toot your horn? Sometimes your strongest Brand Advocates are right under your nose! That’s where they were for IBM.  The tech giant easily enticed 1,000 of its own sales … Continue reading

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Having the Guts to “Shake It Off”.

As high school graduations are happening all over the country, one high school graduation in Portsmouth, NH decided to shake things up with a new twist to traditional pomp and circumstance. Surprising and delighting everyone, the 235 graduating students led … Continue reading

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