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‘Tis the Season

Too funny! For those who celebrate Christmas, here’s a new type of a holiday advent calendar that leads up to Christmas day. Instead of the typical 24 pop-open doors revealing chocolates, candy, and other little G-RATED surprises, this Master of … Continue reading

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Absolute Artistry

Since 1986 with Andy Warhol, Absolut Vodka has entertained us with their award winning iconic imagery. Wondering how they could ever outdo themselves, they’ve gone and done it again… in an amazingly artistic way! Overshadowed by the “Absolute Unique” project … Continue reading

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A GIGUNDO Incentive

Some things don’t change in this crazy business we’re in, especially when it relates to what REALLY motivates people. We all know that people like to get something for free, they love to win (sweepstakes, games or contests), and they … Continue reading

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Coke’s White Christmas… Should’ve been Dreaming in Red!

Oops. Once again, an over-zealous quest to be “bold and attention-grabbing,” a marketer (a BIG ONE) didn’t keep how real people might perceive things front and center. Coke’s current “oops” with its White Christmas, WHITE WWF/ “Save the Polar Bear’s … Continue reading

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Sympathy Soup.

Just in time for cold and flu season, Heinz Soup in the U.K, has created an interesting Facebook app that combines the social world with the virtual world with… the real world (imagine that!) In the U.K., Heinz positions its … Continue reading

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What do You Mean It’s Not For Women?

Often some products skew their marketing efforts by gender (think cars, beer: primarily men and consumer-packaged goods: primarily women) but not purposely excluding the other sex. Think Spanky and Our Gang’s He-man Woman’s Hater Club if you were around to … Continue reading

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Pop Goes the Bowl.

Every once in a while, an old product that’s been around forever gets a new twist. I thought that microwavable popcorn was pretty inventive– quick, easy and no mess. It was a great idea, but what possibly could be next … Continue reading

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