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Gorilla Marketing

  Listen up guys with body hair! The summer is in full swing and I am certain you are concerned about your monkey-like appearance and the beach. Waxing is a last resort, but where would you have it done? Who … Continue reading

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Now that’s knowing your audience!

By now, it’s clear I am a fan of marketing that is so simple, so intuitive, it says everything it needs to by its sheer existence. So how much simpler could the Bull and Bear Steakhouse in the Waldorf-Astoria (NYC) … Continue reading

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What a Gift

Discounts and promotions sometimes get an awful reputation. But let’s face it, they exist because they work. They work because people want them. They are that little nudge that could entice or encourage action when a prospect may be hesitating … Continue reading

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A University Gets Its Groupon

Most days I give scant attention to the daily deal from Groupon, as it seems like it’s always the same kind of deal — teeth whitening or a blueberry vanilla facial for my dogs. That said, today’s offer got my … Continue reading

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Pudding Face :).

Having worked on the Jell-O Pudding business in Promotion at General Foods umpteen years ago (I must have at least one Shaker cup in my attic), I’m always curious to read about its marketing programs and how it continues to … Continue reading

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Groupon or Groupcard?

Oh come on. Groupon has certainly been taking some punches the last month or so. No doubt, their Super Bowl campaign was pretty offensive and they kind of deserved to be called out for poor judgment. But this newest bump … Continue reading

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Was leafing through my wife’s People magazine (honestly, it’s not mine) the other day and came across an ad for my new favorite show, Starz’ Spartacus: Gods of the Arena . What especially caught my eye was the scannable code … Continue reading

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