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How to Make Sex Sell Well

Ordinarily, I cringe when I see sex jokes or a “sex sells” approach in marketing. So often the effort ends up being crass and totally in the gutter. Enter the Banana Bunker on Groupon’s Facebook page and I was reminded … Continue reading

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Little State, Big Splash Marketing

As “Where are my receipts?” Tax Season gains its final head of steam, thought it only fitting to showcase this clever bit of local marketing, where Intuit (the makers of online tax software for tax preparers) partnered with Providence, Rhode … Continue reading

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Can You Copy Viral Success?

Is the Twizzler Challenge the next biggest philanthropic initiative? The Twizzler Challenge (#TwizzlerChallenge) — created by chance, not a Marketing Department — dares two people to share a single Twizzler from the opposite ends and meet in the middle for a … Continue reading

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Mophie Creativity Recharges SXSW

With SXSW becoming larger and larger each year, and more massively big budget corporations participating, it’s a challenge to really stand out. Unless of course, you have an army of adorable St. Bernard dogs attached to your brand.

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The Power of Gorilla Marketing.

No, that’s not a typo. A new good-for-you brand, Barnana, is using gorilla marketing (OK, guerilla marketing, too) to gain attention for its dried organic banana snack – and it’s working!

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Creativity On Tap

See how rigging up an interactive beer tap to a cell phone and a selfie, worked to get Carlsberg Beer trending big time! #barbandits slot machine-style beer giveaway turned the media into the message — and that message was trendy, … Continue reading

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What Does Your Brand Stand For… Really?

Ever get caught off guard by a small act of generosity by a company or brand that just made you think “WOW!”? Something totally unexpected? … And something that totally redefined that brand in your mind? I just did.

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