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Pass the Peas Please, Mr. President.

No matter what your party affiliation, this is a good way to get the Average Joe’s campaign dollars. It utilizes a simple tried and true sweepstakes featuring a high level prize. It is a good marketing tactic and one that … Continue reading

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Tea for Tweet?

Do you tweet? I don’t, yet. But maybe that’s about to change. What if you could tweet to get a free product? One South African tea company introduced a vending machine that actually gives away free samples of iced tea … Continue reading

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Now that’s knowing your audience!

By now, it’s clear I am a fan of marketing that is so simple, so intuitive, it says everything it needs to by its sheer existence. So how much simpler could the Bull and Bear Steakhouse in the Waldorf-Astoria (NYC) … Continue reading

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Why didn’t I think of that?

We have all had times when ‘foreign objects’ found their way in our mouths. I am talking office supplies here — you know, pens, plastic rulers… pencils. So, what a natural idea is it to make these objects yummy to … Continue reading

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What a Gift

Discounts and promotions sometimes get an awful reputation. But let’s face it, they exist because they work. They work because people want them. They are that little nudge that could entice or encourage action when a prospect may be hesitating … Continue reading

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Now that’s what I call sampling!

IKEA, the Scandinavian retailer, is known for innovative, design-rich products that often target young people with small living spaces. For anyone who hasn’t been in one of their stores, they’re usually massive and draw tremendous crowds, though showcase items in … Continue reading

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Will Fair and Square be enough anymore?

OK, so everybody’s buzzing about JC Penney’s new “overhaul.” Yes, the TV spots leading up to 2/1/12— the BIG DAY — were fantastic. The frantic, over-the-top, promotion overload of today was more than communicated, as was JC Penney’s intent to … Continue reading

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