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The Unbelievable Power of a Happy Customer

It’s a simple story. Online apparel start-up American Giant was ramping up production, when a positive review of their signature hoodie on caused a viral sensation and depleted all of their stock. All of it. So they hustled to open … Continue reading

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The Power of Gorilla Marketing.

No, that’s not a typo. A new good-for-you brand, Barnana, is using gorilla marketing (OK, guerilla marketing, too) to gain attention for its dried organic banana snack – and it’s working!

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Obsolescence. Not So Funny.

Hysterical NSFW bit on Last Week Tonight by HBO’s John Oliver on the demise of RadioShack®. But the issue at the heart of this sad “passing” isn’t quite so LOL.

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Super Bowl Spending- CMO Words of Advice.

Now that the bulk of the Monday Morning Quarterbacking over the ads is winding down (or is it?), we wanted to have a real conversation about the difficult decision to spend huge sums of marketing money like those invested in … Continue reading

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Tiffany Breaks Advertising Ground

Jeweler Tiffany & Co. is featuring a same-sex couple for the first time in its advertising history. Though they join major fashion companies like Gap, Banana Republic and J. Crew, who have also featured same-sex couples, one can imagine that … Continue reading

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Christmas Magic Overload

It’s hard not to find something wonderful in the combination of kids, Christmas, and technology! And Macy’s has always led the pack.  In their stores, on TV, and online, they’ve tried to make magic unfold. This year, however, in their … Continue reading

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Hollywood Marketing Muscle Terrorized

Wow. In what might be the first instance of almost anything thwarting the power of Hollywood’s Movie Marketing Muscle, Sony Pictures it seems, has decided to cancel its blockbuster New York premiere of the new Seth Rogen/James Franco film “The … Continue reading

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