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Healthy Brands Can Still Be Hip

Think about the last ad you saw for a good-for-you brand. It probably focused on the nutritional benefits of the product, right? Cravendale Milk in the UK follows the successful lead of the U.S. “GOT MILK” campaign, and takes possibly … Continue reading

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Little State, Big Splash Marketing

As “Where are my receipts?” Tax Season gains its final head of steam, thought it only fitting to showcase this clever bit of local marketing, where Intuit (the makers of online tax software for tax preparers) partnered with Providence, Rhode … Continue reading

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Can You Copy Viral Success?

Is the Twizzler Challenge the next biggest philanthropic initiative? The Twizzler Challenge (#TwizzlerChallenge) — created by chance, not a Marketing Department — dares two people to share a single Twizzler from the opposite ends and meet in the middle for a … Continue reading

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The Unbelievable Power of a Happy Customer

It’s a simple story. Online apparel start-up American Giant was ramping up production, when a positive review of their signature hoodie on caused a viral sensation and depleted all of their stock. All of it. So they hustled to open … Continue reading

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Femvertising Pays!

In honor of International Women’s Day, I thought it worth highlighting the fantastic insights surrounding the current valuable trend toward “Femvertising” — defined as pro-female messaging within advertising that is striking a chord with women and with marketers alike.  From … Continue reading

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When Branding Goes Bad

Creating a brand’s image is the most difficult task a marketer will ever take on. What do you really stand for? What makes you different from other choices? And most importantly, what do people feel about this difference. It’s a … Continue reading

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Obsolescence. Not So Funny.

Hysterical NSFW bit on Last Week Tonight by HBO’s John Oliver on the demise of RadioShack®. But the issue at the heart of this sad “passing” isn’t quite so LOL.

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