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What Does Your Brand Stand For… Really?

Ever get caught off guard by a small act of generosity by a company or brand that just made you think “WOW!”? Something totally unexpected? … And something that totally redefined that brand in your mind? I just did.

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Great Brands Don’t Have To Die

Think your brand is past its prime? If it was built properly, maybe it can actually stand the test of time — and of bankruptcy, obsolescence, and even having its iconic headquarters obliterated! Take a look at today’s Polaroid…

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Keep Your Eye On The Prize

In the chrome-and-glass world of “contemporary” marketing,  the pressure is always on to find the “shiny new object.” Often, this quest trumps all judgment as to what is truly relevant and motivating to REAL PEOPLE. So how about taking a … Continue reading

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Reality Check on 2014

Wow. What interesting and fun conversations we’ve had together this year!  Creative thinking, phenomenal new products, big, bold ad campaigns… and a bunch of GWH W.T.F. Award (Winner, Toss-Up, or Flop) Floppers.  Can’t wait to see what the New Year … Continue reading

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Christmas Magic Overload

It’s hard not to find something wonderful in the combination of kids, Christmas, and technology! And Macy’s has always led the pack.  In their stores, on TV, and online, they’ve tried to make magic unfold. This year, however, in their … Continue reading

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Smoke Signals or Viral Fire?

What happens when a good looking high school kid working at Target blows up the Internet? Meet Alex from Target, aka #AlexfromTarget, who was launched into viral stardom overnight when a teenage girl posted a photo of him packing groceries. The … Continue reading

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Return To Sender.

You’ve no doubt heard of Apple’s giveaway of U2’s latest album “Songs Of Innocence” and the controversy it caused. Apparently, even though everyone wants something for nothing, there are some people that don’t want it thrust upon them without their … Continue reading

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