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Just Do It On the Courts.

How does Nike launch a new line of tennis gear? With precision timing to coincide with one of the hottest tennis events, the US Open, and by staging a temporary tennis court complete with locker room and swag area, smack dab in the … Continue reading

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Pull Up Your Damn Pants!

And no, I’m not talking about the inexplicable way some young men wear their jeans these days. Of course, I’m talking about that Trivago guy. But thank god, it seems I’m not the only one. I had to pause the … Continue reading

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Click Clack is Back.

What’s the #1 app shooting to the top this month?  A high tech, can’t-live-without app? No. Sometimes it is the simplest things long forgotten in the wake of high tech, but given new life again. Hanx Writer, a simulated  typewriter … Continue reading

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Is Sympathy Marketing Sincere?

When undergoing hardship of any kind, it’s natural for people to feel better when they receive sincere empathy from others. And so was created “Sympathic Pricing!”   Also known as “Passionate Pricing” or “Painkiller Pricing”, highlights the many companies … Continue reading

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Endangered Wildlife — Giving ‘Timed Offer’ A Whole New Meaning

Have you seen this one? The Smithsonian National Zoo and the Conservation Biology Institute have teamed up in a “wildly” innovative way with the American rock band, Portugal. The Man, to raise awareness about a beautiful animal that is close … Continue reading

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The Ugly Truth

  Some of we “experienced” marketing types get punchy at times when brainstorming campaign ideas. Usually we have to run through the list of the latest industry buzzwords that drive us crazy (#recalibrate, #reachout, #lowhangingfruit, #bandwidth) just to get them … Continue reading

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Not how it’s done anymore, Geico.

Sorry Geico, it isn’t how it works anymore From personified spokes-animals to their latest “Did you know?” campaign, Geico has continued to hammer home their seemingly iron-clad marketing message that 15 minutes can save you… well you know… blah blah … Continue reading

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