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Don’t Be a Jerk. The World Is Watching.

Virality and social conversation are great when a brand wants to strut its stuff. But beware — it can also create uproar when ads and messages hit this “no borders on the internet” world we live in. Take note of … Continue reading

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American Retail Idol.

Think you have a novel innovation ready for prime time? Now is your chance. Get ready for a new reality go-to-market strategy brought to you by Walmart. @WalmartLabs, the digital technology division of the world’s largest retailer, recently launched a contest … Continue reading

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Me-Ow Awful Jingle Bells.

Well this is embarrassing for Walmart. For the holiday season, you wouldn’t think a brand such as Walmart would need to resort to a horrific stunt with a cat yodeling Jingle Bells with an ill fitting pair of dentures. But … Continue reading

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The Earlier, The Better… Really?

Anyone who regularly shops in Costco knows that “Holiday” shopping starts earlier and earlier every year. Halloween candy in August and Christmas trees in October are the norm, and seem to show up earlier and earlier every year. But I … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Bad Breath

Oh, you have to seen this one (if you didn’t)! Talk about the Mother of Marketing and Viral Advertising!! Check it out: a startup company Orabrush in Utah came up with a tongue cleaner gizmo. A very important device when … Continue reading

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Poof! Get South Park’s Cheesy Poofs Before They are Gone.

Apparently, the main heros of a popular and hysterically twisted animated show called “South Park” LOVE their fictional snack – the Cheesy Poofs. So, to celebrate the show’s 15th anniversary, Comedy Central joined Frito-Lay to create an actual snack with … Continue reading

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Wal-Mart goes viral?

Wal-Mart is taking a gigantic leap into the social media technology business with its pending acquisition of Kosmix, a heavily funded social media technology provider that has built a platform that enables users to filter and organize content in social … Continue reading

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