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Happy Birthday, Macca My Mate!

Macca’s turning 4o! Gonna go to the party? Probably not, but don’t feel left out. You’d have to hang out way down under to even know what Macca’s is. (Hint – kids of all ages and adults love it! Getting … Continue reading

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Digital Democracy

Love this phrase! In a virtual world/platform that essentially gives every rant, rave and negative nasty comment equal “airtime” with the proactive, positive counterparts, I found the concept  intriguing. Wiki defines it as “…the use of information and communication technologies … Continue reading

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This Cookie’s Not Crumbling

Who doesn’t love Oreo cookies? Or their advertising? For years Oreo has pulled at consumers’ heartstrings in just the right way to keep their mantle as America’s Favorite Cookie. But a recent innovative effort relied on consumers to help them … Continue reading

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Bravo!… sorry, TNT!

I always followed the belief that one’s work can only be as good as one’s client allows it to be. That said, I came across a video showing the arrival of cable TV Channel TNT to Belgium, the land of … Continue reading

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Pay to Party

I think I just came across an interesting way to actually NOT hesitate-border-on-whine-about having to host or  having to go to dinner parties. And it’s called ZOKOS. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not “anti-get together”. But inevitably, there … Continue reading

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American Retail Idol.

Think you have a novel innovation ready for prime time? Now is your chance. Get ready for a new reality go-to-market strategy brought to you by Walmart. @WalmartLabs, the digital technology division of the world’s largest retailer, recently launched a contest … Continue reading

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Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks.

Kudos to a brave step recently taken by Ladies Home Journal, or should I say Ladies Home JOURNAL? Starting with their March issue, they will be showcasing much (how much?) of their content crowdsourced. Getting content directly uploaded from readers, … Continue reading

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