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Step Aside Billy Mays

Ever think you have an cool idea for a product but don’t know what to do next, or how to get it from sketch to an actual product? Well, looks like is a place to start. “Quirky is a … Continue reading

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Fan Fever Now A Full Time Job…Home Run for the Team!

Back in late February with Opening Day just 8 weeks away the Cubs longtime PA announcer decided to take another job elsewhere. Rather than quickly scrambling to hire a “professional,” the Cubs turned to one of their biggest assets, their … Continue reading

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Mirror, Mirror…Gone too far?

Hmmm. Really, really torn on this one. Check this out (no pun intended): Go Try It On is a new site/app that lets you get feedback on what you plan to wear before you head out into the big, bad, … Continue reading

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Drunk Monkeys Chart Map of Australia

Short, simple, and just plain good. Google hired a firm called Three Drunk Monkeys (who wouldn’t assume they were creative?!) to create an online “map” of Australia through a campaign called “Map My Summer.” Given the country’s diversity (like any … Continue reading

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Interactive Everything?

We all know that, in recent years, the boundaries between media and between media services have come crashing down, like the Berlin Wall in a new democracy. Consumers have ever-increasing choices about what they watch, listen to, read, communicate with, … Continue reading

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