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Virtual Meets Reality

I’m so glad that the Toys ‘R Us holiday commercials have ended. Those two kids were annoying, especially the boy. But they recently introduced a Facebook game that caught my eye. Called Toys R’ Us Towers, and powered by video game … Continue reading

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This Cookie’s Not Crumbling

Who doesn’t love Oreo cookies? Or their advertising? For years Oreo has pulled at consumers’ heartstrings in just the right way to keep their mantle as America’s Favorite Cookie. But a recent innovative effort relied on consumers to help them … Continue reading

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Posting Post Mortem

OK, in honor of Halloween, maybe a post about the afterlife is appropriate? (or not) So it seems, despite all the thousands of high tech gadgets at our fingertips to give us more control over work, leisure and our lives … Continue reading

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FedEx, Facebook and Funny? Who’d have thought?

Wish all clients could be as fun as FedEx. (What did I say?) Yes, FedEx, and their new campaign promoting a facebook app available for any business to create a funny jingle (with the intended result of poking fun at … Continue reading

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Really Jello? Did you have to go for yucks?

I helped launch Jello Pudding Snacks. Yup, me as the client at old General Foods, and Mr Cosby and the GW Hoffman agency at the time (among others). One of my proudest launches. Which is why I cringe to see … Continue reading

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Turning a Sour Situation into Lemonade!

Smart companies realize that how they deal with problems, issues or mistakes can have more impact on business than even the best Marketing campaign. Especially in the current world of instantaneous consumer feedback and sharing/spreading of news via Social Media, … Continue reading

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Now that’s knowing your audience!

By now, it’s clear I am a fan of marketing that is so simple, so intuitive, it says everything it needs to by its sheer existence. So how much simpler could the Bull and Bear Steakhouse in the Waldorf-Astoria (NYC) … Continue reading

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