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Living in the Facebook Timeline Fish Bowl.

Have you tried the new Facebook timeline yet? The new Facebook timeline is here but before you hit the “Get Timeline” button ask yourself just one question: Do you like living in a fish bowl? Because once you hit that … Continue reading

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To be heard, or not to be heard.

Chapstick’s tagline “On Everyone’s Lips” took on a whole new meaning this past week. In support of the brand campaign “Where Do Lost Chapsticks Go?” Chapstick encouraged people to “Be Heard” and relay their own lost Chapstick tale on Facebook. … Continue reading

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Sympathy Soup.

Just in time for cold and flu season, Heinz Soup in the U.K, has created an interesting Facebook app that combines the social world with the virtual world with… the real world (imagine that!) In the U.K., Heinz positions its … Continue reading

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What do You Mean It’s Not For Women?

Often some products skew their marketing efforts by gender (think cars, beer: primarily men and consumer-packaged goods: primarily women) but not purposely excluding the other sex. Think Spanky and Our Gang’s He-man Woman’s Hater Club if you were around to … Continue reading

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Facing Your Facebook Fears

If you have a Facebook page and have ever had second thoughts about your privacy— well I don’t know, maybe you shouldn’t see this. Jason Zada, the viral marketing director behind last year’s Elf Yourself campaign for Office Max, has given … Continue reading

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Should We Call It $h*t-facedbook?

Well, it’s official. Magners Cider (owned by C&C Group) is the First Alcohol to be Sold on Facebook. Commerce on Facebook, or “f-commerce” as it has been coined, is beginning to takeoff in the United Kingdom, Magners is the very … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Bad Breath

Oh, you have to seen this one (if you didn’t)! Talk about the Mother of Marketing and Viral Advertising!! Check it out: a startup company Orabrush in Utah came up with a tongue cleaner gizmo. A very important device when … Continue reading

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