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Will #pepsiMojis Build or Break the Brand?

To say that social media has changed how the world communicates, is beyond an understatement. Pepsi has just proven this in spades with their new social media-inspired summer packaging design, slated to appear in stores soon. As part of their … Continue reading

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Can a Nice Brand Be Naughty and Win?

Year after year we welcome holiday ads that tug at our heartstrings and bring tears to our eyes. Most reinforce the true meaning of the season – warmth, cheer, generosity, and sincerity. For that one media-driven moment, viewers pause and … Continue reading

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Holiday Shopping on YouTube?

You may be if their recent Awesome Stuff Week (from October this year) takes hold. And if the shoppable ads being pitched resonate with brand marketers. Concept is pretty simple: Take one YouTube video star, plunk them (authentically!) into  one … Continue reading

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Authentic Before Trendy

The highlight of my day is when I see a new Instagram post from Socality Barbie, the parody account that mocks “That Girl” and her ever-hipster life that is totally way better than your life. Her posts are filled with … Continue reading

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Looking for Brand Advocates?

Think it takes an exhaustive search to find folks willing to toot your horn? Sometimes your strongest Brand Advocates are right under your nose! That’s where they were for IBM.  The tech giant easily enticed 1,000 of its own sales … Continue reading

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Having the Guts to “Shake It Off”.

As high school graduations are happening all over the country, one high school graduation in Portsmouth, NH decided to shake things up with a new twist to traditional pomp and circumstance. Surprising and delighting everyone, the 235 graduating students led … Continue reading

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Bud Light, Just Say No.

Oh boy. Bud Light’s #UpforWhatever campaign is in trouble again. What started out as a fun, youthful, lighthearted campaign to encourage spontaneity, now in its second year, looks like it’s missing the mark with women, the target market they are … Continue reading

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