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Google+…the beginning.

OK, the name Google+ keeps popping up in emails and tech news and it’s time to figure out what it is. Well, Google+ is the next step in social media and interaction (at least, this is what I assume it … Continue reading

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Down Time No More.

So what do you do in your down time? If you are like many of us –there is no more down time. Down time used to be a time to relax, unwind and give your brain a chance to think. … Continue reading

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Greenpeace Hijacks Ken.

Greenpeace has hijacked Mattel’s Ken as a spokesperson for its recent campaign against corporate participation in rainforest destruction. More than 180,000 people viewed a spoof video of Ken breaking up with Barbie over rain forest destruction. The video, featured on various … Continue reading

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Bring on the heat!

So, as we experience 2011’s first heat wave, Ben & Jerry’s is extending their 2010 Free Ice Cream tour. Here’s the “scoop”:  this summer, B&J’s Ice Cream trucks will be cruising through Los Angeles, Miami, New York and San Francisco. … Continue reading

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Is your BFF hangin’ with a say What?

Festis, a Swedish still beverage owned by Carlsberg, has just upped their latest campaign with a gum smacking woman in the sewer who promises new relationships and “hook ups” for their BFF’s via their new facebook and television advertising campaign, a … Continue reading

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Tweet Power.

After viewing the latest Pepsi commercial featuring Colombian model and TV personality, Sophia Vergara, it became clear to me how important social media and, particularly, Twitter has become. It is a powerful tool that provides in the moment messaging. It … Continue reading

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Interactive Everything?

We all know that, in recent years, the boundaries between media and between media services have come crashing down, like the Berlin Wall in a new democracy. Consumers have ever-increasing choices about what they watch, listen to, read, communicate with, … Continue reading

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