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In a world ruled by marketing, where ads are piling up on top of each other for a chance to sell us something, once in a while a powerful message emerges and grabs us instantly. Imagine an ad for the … Continue reading

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F ** ing Great Video Nets $10 million

Ever question the power of mixing a simple, good idea with a simple, funny, “homemade” video? Well don’t. Not this time. What started with a simple premise — razor blades shouldn’t cost a lot of money — a user friendly … Continue reading

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Microsoft Throws Back To The 90s

Slap bracelets, troll dolls, the video game “Oregon Trail”, LA Gear “light-up” sneakers…if you grew up in my generation, “Generation Y”, as they’ve called us (I was born in 1983), these staples of the 90s pique your memory, and strike … Continue reading

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Do you or Don’t You Mistletoe?

Some clever students at Brigham Young University ran a survey at school to see who carries on the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe with some very heartwarming results. The video has gone viral with close to 7.0 million views. … Continue reading

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Bahumbizzle or Bahumfizzle?

The 2012 Adidas Holiday Campaign is getting a lot of press.  And, I have to agree, it gets high marks as a clever, integrated campaign. It has it all: — Great teaser miniseries of *Ebenezer Snoop* starring big names (former … Continue reading

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How Far to Go to Go Viral?

So what do you get when Rube Goldberg’s machine is paired up with some gnarly extreme athletes and powered by an energy drink company? You get the latest viral video from the Red Bull. OK guys, grab a cold one, … Continue reading

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Middle School Teachers Can Bust A Move!

Just have to hand it to the middle school teachers in my town who pulled a great prank on their students adding a little levity to their lives and gaining the last laugh before school let out for the year. … Continue reading

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