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Bringing Down the Pink Slime.

The power of social media is nothing new. It has been credited with providing the tools for a revolution and to help send  a malign revolutionary dictator on the run. It can shine a very BIG and BRIGHT spotlight on social … Continue reading

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What Makes “Viral” go Viral?

Last week I spotted a video from a band I’d never heard of, doing a cover version of a song by another band I’d never heard of. I don’t even remember where I saw it, but I followed it to … Continue reading

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American Retail Idol.

Think you have a novel innovation ready for prime time? Now is your chance. Get ready for a new reality go-to-market strategy brought to you by Walmart. @WalmartLabs, the digital technology division of the world’s largest retailer, recently launched a contest … Continue reading

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I’ll Drink to That!

Carlsberg Beer in Brussels pulled a fast one on unsuspecting movie attendees. They filled the audience completely with menacing and tough-looking biker types, except for two center seats, to see what would happen–and filmed the results. The event reinforces their … Continue reading

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What do You Mean It’s Not For Women?

Often some products skew their marketing efforts by gender (think cars, beer: primarily men and consumer-packaged goods: primarily women) but not purposely excluding the other sex. Think Spanky and Our Gang’s He-man Woman’s Hater Club if you were around to … Continue reading

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Sure to Make you SCREAM!

We’ve all seen these emails inviting us to see the most incerdible/sexy/gruesome/stupid stunt videos on YouTube. You click on the link and there will be a “normal” video streaming until at a certain point, something crazy happens. This time an … Continue reading

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A BIG APPetite.

You have an APP for that? Now a commonplace question in today’s increasing smartphone penetration world, but who is using what is key. According to Nielsen’s recent report on Smartphone analytics, app usage on smartphones is more than 3 times … Continue reading

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