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A Social Sharing App Now Delivers Drinks

“Can I buy you a drink?” Whether as a pick up line, a congratulatory gesture, an act of  celebration, or for a million other reasons, it’s a question asked and answered over and over every day. So champagne giant, Moet … Continue reading

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Click Clack is Back.

What’s the #1 app shooting to the top this month?  A high tech, can’t-live-without app? No. Sometimes it is the simplest things long forgotten in the wake of high tech, but given new life again. Hanx Writer, a simulated  typewriter … Continue reading

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A ‘Fridge Art Museum!

In this digital age there are apps for everything— now even for archiving your kids’ artwork! While my kids’ work is stashed away in an attic somewhere gathering dust and mold, parents nowadays can simply turn to Canvsly and instantly … Continue reading

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A New Spin

I’m always going to be interested in anything to do with vinyl records, so this promo from German dance music label Kontor really caught my attention. To get past those disinterested creative directors who toss CDs in the trash without … Continue reading

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Digital Crime Fighting

Kudos to Polish police force for finding an ingenious way to combat crime the hi-tech way! Policing is a communal responsibility, and often times officers have to ask civilians to lend them a hand with spotting a criminal. But how … Continue reading

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I Downloaded It for The Articles… Honest.

I know it’s fashionable to have an app. Every product, service and brand is supposed to jump on the mobile bandwagon because, well, it’s so hot, and having your own app is just the hottest of the hot.  So call … Continue reading

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A Hunky Reminder.

The Rethink Breast Cancer foundation has come up with a “Your Man Reminder” app and video to remind women to perform self examinations on a regular basis. The new app reminds women to check their breasts with a message from … Continue reading

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