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Mophie Creativity Recharges SXSW

With SXSW becoming larger and larger each year, and more massively big budget corporations participating, it’s a challenge to really stand out. Unless of course, you have an army of adorable St. Bernard dogs attached to your brand.

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Creativity On Tap

See how rigging up an interactive beer tap to a cell phone and a selfie, worked to get Carlsberg Beer trending big time! #barbandits slot machine-style beer giveaway turned the media into the message — and that message was trendy, … Continue reading

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Taking Sampling to New Heights

Seeing the Northern Lights has long been on my wish list. Icelandair® is hoping it’s on lots  of others’ lists, too. So they are “sampling” this fantastic phenomenon at 35,000 feet!

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O Christmas 3D Tree, O Christmas 3D Tree!

If you are one of many millions who sets up a Christmas tree every year — and are probably lugging all those decorations back into their boxes this week — take heart! It is possible that in the near future … Continue reading

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Maybe If It Carried My Bags to the Car?

Cool or creepy… or just plain scary if you are a Lowe’s associate. Lowe’s is testing multilingual robots just before the holidays to help out with customer service at one of its subsidiary hardware stores in San Jose, . The 5-foot-tall robots, … Continue reading

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Netflix is Watching YOU, too!

Netflix- It’s inspired by YOU, Paris!

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Comedy Theater Gets the Last Laugh on Government Surcharges

Pay per Laugh | TeatreNeu from edududu on Vimeo. Times are hard everywhere. Budgets are shrinking. We all have to find ways to work smarter and more efficiently. Find new ways to stay on top and ahead of the game. … Continue reading

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