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QR Codes Breathe Life Into Obituaries

We’ve all seen the articles saying that QR codes are dead. But maybe not so fast. They may not have stuck with consumer packaged goods as some hoped, but they’ve worked for almost 20 years in the auto industry… and … Continue reading

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Virtual Grocery Shopping Hits the Streets

A big fan of Peapod grocery delivery service, mobile marketing with real value AND the ever-maligned QR code, Peapod has created a “Perfect Storm” for me — Virtual Shopping from real life events! Going to populated summer places like concerts … Continue reading

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That QR From Ipanema

I have been told to give up my fascination with QR Codes. That they are not catching on. Not effective. Yet I believe that the majority of marketing jamokes that jumped into the “new toy” marketing toolbox without an effective … Continue reading

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Information is King.

There seems to be a disturbance in the *Marketing Force* these days. The hottest and coolest gizmo, the QR code, seems to be drifting towards the dark(er) side of interactive marketing and advertising. According to a popular blog Mashable, only … Continue reading

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Dinner and a Movie 2.0

So, this is the season for the Academy Awards and as expected, there are many great movies out there to see. But are we too wedded to being couch potatoes to care? Someone is hoping not. Theaters in Australia are … Continue reading

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Tap is the new Swipe

As if replacing the traditional phone book, address book, weekly planner, calculator and point-and-shoot camera isn’t enough, the Smartphone is about to replace yet one more physical item — your wallet. Although the technology for digital wallets has been in … Continue reading

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The Next Big Thing Gets Bigger!

QR codes are a great way to get people to your website, especially if those people know what they are and how to use them. But as an art director, I have to say they pose a few “design challenges”. … Continue reading

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