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The King Brags: My Whopper’s Not a Burger

Bold Brand move in so many ways! In a kale-craving, health-obsessed culture, Burger King makes a move to sell hot dogs, launched nationally on February 23rd. OK, 100% beef Oscar Mayer hot dogs, but dogs nonetheless. Then they hit the … Continue reading

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A Strong Brand Can Transcend Channel Boundaries

Amy’s Kitchen steps out of the grocery store aisles with Organic Fast Food! Like, the drive-thru kind. Yes, you read that right. The #1 organic brand in the grocery store has opened its first quick serve restaurant and lines are … Continue reading

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How to Find Big Ideas in Little Details

Sometimes the biggest marketing ideas take shape in the smallest details. Take what Burger King did in Seoul, South Korea. Seoul is known for having one of the worst commute times for workers, with especially lengthy train rides. What happens? … Continue reading

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Will a revamped Hamburglar sell any burgers?

No news flash that the Golden Arches have taken a major back seat to chains like Chipotle and Panera for contemporary food choices, especially for Millennials. So in an attempt to transform themselves into a more “progressive burger company” and … Continue reading

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The Big Wendy’s Logo Caper

Is this really what takes up our news media? Wendy’s being accused of  hiding subliminal messaging in their new revamped logo? I laughed when I first heard about it, but then after reading an Huffington Post article  that showed a … Continue reading

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Is McDonald’s latest “green” commercial a little fishy?

Given that we have clients in the seafood industry, we thought that it would only be appropriate to honor this 1st Friday in Lent with a fish post. Did you see McDonald’s latest commercial about “Kenny Longaker : The Last … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Macca My Mate!

Macca’s turning 4o! Gonna go to the party? Probably not, but don’t feel left out. You’d have to hang out way down under to even know what Macca’s is. (Hint – kids of all ages and adults love it! Getting … Continue reading

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