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Bringing Home the Bacon?

There are some tastes that naturally go together like peanut butter and jelly, strawberries and whipped cream and icecream and bacon. Wait! Icecream and bacon?? Sweet and salty isn’t exactly a new food concept. It is a favorite combination of … Continue reading

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The Next Level of Creative

McDonald’s in Canada really does have me saying, “I’m lovin’ it!” Two recent creative executions make me want to tip my hat to them — really, really using every sense to bring their point home. One transit ad campaign supported … Continue reading

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Nobody’s Perfect…And That’s A Good Thing!

Consumers are on to marketers and they are becoming more and more distrustful. Seems as if we all have flaws, and with social media, it’s almost impossible to hide them. But consumers don’t expect brands to be perfect, so why … Continue reading

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Bringing Down the Pink Slime.

The power of social media is nothing new. It has been credited with providing the tools for a revolution and to help send  a malign revolutionary dictator on the run. It can shine a very BIG and BRIGHT spotlight on social … Continue reading

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Sustainably Bag a Burrito.

Sustainability is a hot topic these days as more and more companies look for ways to reduce their eco footprint to be responsible corporate citizens. Earth Day has become the focal point for companies to champion their sustainable efforts. Chipotle … Continue reading

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Kentucky Fried Confusion

In the latest spot for KFC, two cool looking dudes pull up to the drive-in window in their 70’s muscle car, bopping and grooving to some classic soul. But where are they, and when is it? The building says “Kentucky … Continue reading

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I am H.U.M.A.N.

As I was running up the stairs of my local gym late for Body Combat class, I was stopped in my tracks as I came face-to-face with a vending machine that says: “Hello. I am H.U.M.A.N.” Clearly, not your ordinary … Continue reading

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