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How to Find Big Ideas in Little Details

Sometimes the biggest marketing ideas take shape in the smallest details. Take what Burger King did in Seoul, South Korea. Seoul is known for having one of the worst commute times for workers, with especially lengthy train rides. What happens? … Continue reading

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Will a revamped Hamburglar sell any burgers?

No news flash that the Golden Arches have taken a major back seat to chains like Chipotle and Panera for contemporary food choices, especially for Millennials. So in an attempt to transform themselves into a more “progressive burger company” and … Continue reading

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Can an old Brand really learn new tricks?

So riddle me this: Denny’s is to AARP Boomers as _(BLANK)__ is to social & tech savvy Millennials. THE ANSWER: Denny’s. Iconic purveyor of The Original Grand Slam breakfast and Moons Over My Hammy, Denny’s is proving that by uniting … Continue reading

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Taking Sampling to New Heights

Seeing the Northern Lights has long been on my wish list. Icelandair® is hoping it’s on lots  of others’ lists, too. So they are “sampling” this fantastic phenomenon at 35,000 feet!

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Don’t Squander Your Resources. Especially If You Can.

    At a time of year when we are all so conscious of wringing out every last penny of value from the resources we have, this TBS W.T.F.: FLOP really got to me.

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Clever for Business or Clever for Clever?

Airbnb, increasingly known for its ingenuity and creativity, has a new TV spot. And it’s either really clever… or their agency created one heck of a portfolio piece on the client’s dollar!

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Smart Thinking is On The Menu.

What do you get when you cross Extreme Makeover with the King of The Cooking Show? You get what’s On The Menu — a totally revolutionary execution of today’s darling, the cooking show!

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