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There’s A Map For That.

I love maps, always have. From the maps that came with  The National Geographic when I was a kid to the Google Earth of today, I’ve always been fascinated with finding my way around a map. It would seem I … Continue reading

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Whai not try a new adventure in NYC?

Whenever I visit New York City, I have mixed emotions — love the reputed excitement, but also actually feel monotony in the same old sights and sounds. And heaven forbid I should try to show my kids more sights and … Continue reading

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Quenching My Thirst

I like the Hilton Garden Inn hotel chain. It provides good value – nice, consistent accommodations with amenities, all at a reasonable price.  (And they have free cookies at the front desk at night). They pay off their tag line … Continue reading

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Surprised and Delighted… no really!

I don’t know about you, but I think one of the most over-used and under-delivered terms in our business is “surprise and delight”. Of course who wouldn’t want a kick-butt concept where consumers are blown away beyond their expectations, and … Continue reading

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When does 1 inch cost $200?

I am all for businesses making fair money. I am even understanding of cost increases that need to be passed along. But this one SO angers me, I am about to support John Madden’s eccentric refusal to fly — though … Continue reading

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The ‘Audace’ of Those French!

Challenge: how to convince the pre-flight-buying public that airline food doesn’t have to suck, and specifically that your doesn’t. Solution: (HINT- you won’t find it on any airplane.) And so lives another great example of using the hot hot ‘food … Continue reading

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Drunk Monkeys Chart Map of Australia

Short, simple, and just plain good. Google hired a firm called Three Drunk Monkeys (who wouldn’t assume they were creative?!) to create an online “map” of Australia through a campaign called “Map My Summer.” Given the country’s diversity (like any … Continue reading

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