Even The Small Things Speak Loudly About You

Creative Out of Office ResponsesAs the summer vacation season takes hold, wanted to repost a lesson on creativity I think all marketers can learn from: Want to make a point about your talents? WALK THE TALK in everything you do.

This short, sweet, and strategically clever list of fun Out of Office Vacation responses brings a smile to my face every time I encounter it. And it shows that nothing is too small or insignificant to use to show the world what your brand is all about.

But damn, now we all have to work on being creative about our vacation time too. Oh the pressure.

Happy Summer.

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Don’t Be a Jerk. The World Is Watching.

Virality and social conversation are great when a brand wants to strut its stuff. But beware — it can also create uproar when ads and messages hit this “no borders on the internet” world we live in. Take note of this recent “OMG I can’t believe they did this!” racist backlash from a Chinese laundry detergent ad.

To us, and what should be to anyone, this is abhorrent. But given the supposed current standards of beauty in China, this was supposedly quite acceptable in their country. Guess we really DO live in a global economy, that may help to achieve better conditions everywhere. But…

GWH Reality Check: We market in a global economy in a global community. Need to be sure our brands behave that way.


SOURCE: Huffington Post Media

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Today’s HR- Recruiting Through Snapchat

Snapchat Recruiting

We’ve heard stories about someone losing their job over an “oops” on Snapchat. But, seems like more and more today,’modern’ companies are encouraging job applicants to use Snapchat to apply for open positions. Cue Everlane, trendy online clothing retailer.

The process was simple. Everlane used a post on Lever (a digital, Silicon Valley recruiting agency) to announce its preference of accepting job applications via Snapchat.


San Francisco – Creative, full-time

What’s the best way to get hired in 2016? We think this might be it. Tell us why you’d be perfect for any open roles by making a Snapchat story. We welcome you to name a role as well.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick a role (see descriptions on everlane.com/jobs)
  2. Make a 60–90 second story on Snapchat
  3. Send us a tweet with your Snapcode once it’s live
  4. Save your story before it expires
  5. E-mail the story to jointheteam@everlane.com

Fun fact: 8 out of 10 people working at our Shoe Park were hired from a Snapchat story we made.

Clearly, Everlane is no stranger to engaging with Millennials via Snapchat. The retailer regularly posts their own Snapchat stories and answers customers’ questions using Snaps.

It IS hard to connect with Millennials. So how do you break through when you want even more of them on your staff? Well, with 63% of Snapchatters between the ages of 18-34, Everlane is another success story hopping on the bandwagon. By thinking like their target, they have found a genuine way to engage  AND stay true to their brand culture. How many brands can say that?





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Are Silent Movies Returning?

Video with No Sound

Is everything old truly new… again and again and again?

No dispute that video is the workhorse of today’s digital and social platforms. Sight, sound and motion creatively married to get the job done quite engagingly.  Then I read the latest stat on the 8 billion+ videos viewed on Facebook alone each day: up to 85% viewed with the sound OFF. Don’t usually post about statistics, but this one has some pretty fundamental consequences.

It’s not that the fact comes as a total shock, since the Facebook platform was designed for this to be possible. But it does mean one less pretty important tool (sound) to capture a viewer’s attention to be able to make it to the magic 3 seconds that count as a “view.” One less tool to get the point, the message or the brand across in a medium originally designed with this tool as a cornerstone. And one new (old?) challenge for creativity to overcome.

In a medium where everyone can become a valid publisher (or believes they can), it reminds me again of the power of real creative genius — wherever it comes from — to be able to, one more time, figure out how to communicate effectively with one more obstacle thrown into the mix. “Go ahead. Do it blindfolded next time.”

Love working with folks with the talent to figure it out!


Source: Digiday 5/17/16

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Messing With The Crown Jewels- The Brand

The Instagram Brand Power

Is this a portrait of Brand worship or what? Will the new Instagram logo ever engender the same?

With all of the conversation and bouhaha over the new Instagram logo, one has to wonder if there is anything in marketing more powerful than a BRAND? When created and nurtured properly, they are living “beings” that become rooted in people’s lives in very deep ways. Your logo, your promise, where your name appears and how. These things may seem like just a series of boardroom decisions, but they can make or break your Brand, and hence your business.

In just the last few news cycles, we have witnessed not only this heightened conversation over the logo of an app, but fervor over iconic Budweiser beer actually renaming itself  “America” for the summer  (to reportedly claim its forever equity),  a branding backlash when Kentucky Fried Chicken linked with McCormick spices to put its name on “Finger Lickin’ Good NAIL POLISH,” and an entire missive written about the inside scoop on licensing your Brand (Excellent read!). Oh, and who could deny the powerful shot in the Brand arm Jet Blue received when it rewarded the entire plane full of passengers on Mothers’ Day with discounted airfare every time a baby cried! The positive Brand coverage this received even made it to Travel and Leisure magazine!

So powerful, yet so fragile. Attention to BRAND creation and management needs to take center stage in modern Marketing. But does it with most companies when a quick buck can be made?…

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Can Dyson Revolutionize Hair Care, Too?

New Dyson $400 Hair Dryer

A $400 hairdryer.

Beauty appliance manufacturers may say it’s crazy. That there is a ceiling on what women will pay for such products. But this is a Dyson brand.

Known for revolutionizing categories that lacked technological innovation and excitement (think vacuums, fans, hand dryers) and delivering a far superior product experience, Dyson has now re-engineered 60-year old hair dryer technology and “rethought” a new product. Launching The Dyson Supersonic, Dyson isn’t selling hair dryers, something they have no experience with. They are marketing “intelligent heat control,” an area in which they excel.

Said to be lighter, quieter, easier to use, and kinder to the hair, the Supersonic has been created totally in keeping with the Dyson Brand.

What is so impressive about this new product isn’t just the amount of time (4 years) and investment ($70mm+) that went into the development. It was the process —  Dyson engineers did a full, hands-on immersion by going to Beauty School to learn how people use hair dryers on an every day basis. It’s the kind of fact based product development that may have once again enabled Dyson to deliver… another Dyson! A completely new, better product vs. anything on the market.

But, will all of this  justify the $400.00 price tag? Dyson has changed pricing paradigms before. Can they do it again? Will their Brand reputation transcend the behaviors of yet another category?  They are hoping “yes”, once early adopters can get their hands on one this Fall. (Though you can reserve one now!)

As one who owns TWO large, clunky, professional hair dryers (one as mere back-up) and who always packs a large, clunky hair dryer when traveling, I can tell you that the excitement behind the new Dyson Supersonic is not overblown for me.


Source: https://www.yahoo.com/beauty/dyson-sent-engineers-to-beauty-school-before-202725574.html

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Purple Marketing Tributes Rain Down

New Yorker Prince TributeSad news in the world of music yet again (what IS it with musicians lately?) Being a long-standing fan of Prince myself, I was curious to see how the media and marketers were going to handle this latest tragedy. So far, the quality of their “heartfelt” reactions is somewhat mixed.

A better example: The night when the news came in, Stephen Colbert lead with an intro mentioning The Queen’s 90th birthday, a few jokes, and then took his seat. It seemed odd that he hadn’t mentioned Prince’s death. But seems he was saving that for a discussion with his musical director John Batiste, who shared an amusing personal story before all the stage lights were changed to purple. Nice.

On the twitter front, as one might expect, corporate tweets have so far run the gamut from sensitive and well done to, well, let’s just say some thought twice about it and removed them. No doubt something to do with the negative comments received.

A few of the better ones:

MplsTwins Prince Tribute

Chevy Prince TributeNASA Prince Tribute

Bottom line? Please, if your brand feels a sincere connection to social happenings, and you have something to say that adds emotional engagement that your consumers will appreciate, then by all means, go ahead. If it looks like nothing but self-promotion (and boy, will they know when it does) then it might be best to let your condolences rest in peace

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